Lisa Engles is a Mind Body Health and Fitness Expert, Author, Speaker and Consultant.

hardcoverstackShe is the author of Breathe Run Breathe: Ancient Breathing Secrets To Make Your Daily Run an Effortless, Revitalizing and Mindful Practice and the creator of the Breathe Run Breathe Program and Pranayama Running practice.

Lisa’s passion for running and triathlon and her dedication to understanding the physical and mental aspects of peak performance since she was a teenager lead her into her career as a health and fitness professional in 1992.

In her late 20′s she turned her attention toward more mindful approaches to health, fitness and performance after being plagued with constant injury from years of overtraining.


LISA TOP 1- FramedSince then, Lisa has been committed to teaching her fitness clients how to move from being in a constant battle with their body to creating a partnership with it.

She believes that our body is our ultimate teacher as it’s the perfect reflection of our life attitudes, outlooks and beliefs.

Since 2000, Lisa has worked in world-class fitness facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area including Western Athletic Clubs and Evolution Trainers specializing in mind body fitness programs and services .

She was the head running coach for the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club from 2002-2007 and has been a presenter for USA Triathlon since 2007.


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