Yes, I’m Ready To Join The Breathe.Run.Breathe Program !





When You Join Today You’ll Get Access To A Comprehensive Coaching Program That Includes:

  • Module 1 : Preparation

    This module is all about your breath and teaching you how to breathe correctly.  In this module you’ll learn how to assess your breath to be sure that you’re breathing correctly before you begin running using the breathing techniques.  You’ll also be performing benchmark testing so that you know what you’r starting point is and so that you have a reference point to compare improvements.

  • Assess Your Breath
  • Learn How To Breathe Correctly
  • Benchmark Testing
  • Module 2: Phase 1- RECOVER

    It’s critical to begin by bringing your nervous system back in to balance, which is why we begin with Phase 1: Recover.  In this module you’ll learn the 5-Step Pranayama Running Practice.  ‘Pranayama’ means breath control and in the PYR practice you use a controlled form of nasal breathing in combination with key mindset principles in order to turn your daily run into an effortless, revitalizing and mindful practice.

  • Bring nervous system back into balance
  • Learn the 5-Step Pranayama Running Practice
  • Learn and apply basic breathing techniques while running
  • Learn and apply key mindset principles to make your run feel effortless and revitalizing
  • Module 3: Phase 2- RECLAIM

    By the time you get to module 3, you’ll already have a solid foundation in using your breath optimally for running. So this is where you’ll learn intermediate breathing techniques to enhance the overall effects and benefits that you experience– both in body and in mind.

    In this module you’ll also learn how to create a true partnership with your body.  By applying theses concepts  you’ll discover how to listen to the messages your body is giving you and trust in the wisdom of your body so that you can start moving away from the ‘no-pain no-gain’ workout mentality and towards the practice mentality.  When you do this, you’ll discover that you actually begin to heal chronic pain and nagging injuries because you’ve become more mindful of  your bodies innate wisdom.

  • Learn and apply intermediate breathing techniques while running
  • Learn the key mindset principles needed to create a partnership with your body
  • Begin to move from a ‘workout’ mentality to a ‘practice’ mentality in order to heal your body of chronic pain and injury
  • Module 4: Phase 3- REVITALIZE

    This module is all about using your breath to tap into peak states at will, also known as ‘the runners high’ or ‘the zone’.  You’ll discover how your breath can help you to harness the Alpha Brainwave State to the highest degree allowing you to achieve peak levels of performance.

    You’ll learn how the use of mantras can multiply your results for peak levels of  performance and optimal health, especially when you’re in an Alpha-State.   You’ll also learn how to create your personal mantras for training and racing.

  • Learn and apply advanced breathing techniques while running
  • Discover how to use your breath to harness the Alpha-State to tap into ‘the zone’ at will
  • Learn how to create your personal ‘mantras’ to achieve peak levels of performance and optimal health
  • Module 5: The Pranayama Running Practice

    This is a reference module for the Pranayama Running Practice.  Forget what the 5-steps of the practice are?  No problem- just refer to this module.  The entire PYR practice is laid out for you here:

  • Step 1: Activate
  • Step 2: Align
  • Step 3: Engage
  • Step 4: Integrate
  • Step 5: Cool down
  • Module 6: Guided Audio Sessions

    Each month, a new audio session is made available to you for download.  These audio sessions correspond to each of the three phases of the program : Recover, Reclaim and Revitalize.

    You’ll use these audio sessions while you’re learning the PYR practice and the breathing techniques.  It’s literally like having Lisa as your personal coach throughout your entire run.

    These sessions not only take you through the entire 5-Step PYR practice (so that you don’t have to remember it on your own), they incorporate key mindset principles, guided imagery cues and a series of statements called ‘mantras’ to lead you into higher states of awareness and focus.

  • Receive a new guided audio session each month that corresponds to the phase of training you’re in (Recover, Reclaim, Revitalize)
  • Listening to the audios while you run is like having Lisa personally coach you through the 5-Step Pranayama Running Practice
  • Audios are specially designed to elicit the Alpha-State and harness higher states of awareness and focus
  • Music is composed to keep you at an optimal stride rate of 90 strides/minute
  • Module 7: FAQs

    Want to know why your nose is so runny when you nasal breathe?  How about whether or not you should do track workouts yet?  This module provides you with the answers as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Pranayama Running Practice and nasal breathing.

  • A library of reference videos to the most frequently asked questions about nasal breathing while running
  • Additional Resources

    Throughout each of the modules you’ll also be given access to resources that will help to ensure your success in learning and implementing the breathing and mindset techniques into your running practice.

    The Progression Matrix will help you to determine when you’re ready to progress to the next level of duration and intensity in your daily runs. For example, how do you know whether or not you’re ready to run on hilly trails or to do a track workout or even do a race using the nasal breathing technique you learn in this program?  The Progression Matrix will tell you!

    The Practice Tracker is how you’ll keep track of your key metrics including: breath rate, quality of breath, heart rate, energy levels and much more. Metrics are essential in helping to keep track of improvement and to inform you about what might need to change in your daily runs so that you see steady progress.

    Benchmark Tests have been designed in order for you to assess your improvements with the breathing techniques.

    A copy of the book, Breathe Run Breathe – for your reference.

    Guest Expert interviews on topics ranging from nutrition and equipment reviews to strength training, injury prevention and much more.  These interviews bring a depth and breadth of insight and training to the program that can’t be found anywhere else!

  • The Progression Matrix
  • The Practice Tracker
  • Benchmark Tests
  • A pdf version of Breathe Run Breathe
  • Expert Interviews on topics from nutrition and equipment reviews to strength training and injury prevention
  • Bonuses

    From day 1, you’ll be entitled to some special bonuses including LIVE training with Lisa via google hangouts on air.  If you miss the live training, don’t worry– they’ll be uploaded into your membership portal.  You’ll also be added to the private Breathe Run Breathe community on Google+.  This is where you can meet and engage with other participants in the program and get more support for your running practice.

    After you’ve been in the Breathe Run Breathe program for 30 days, you’ll also have access to Lisa’s open office hours via a private google hangout.  This is an opportunity for you to ask Lisa any questions you have about the program face to face!   Lisa is offering this bonus to ensure your success with the BRB program.

    Never been to a google hangout?  Don’t worry, there will be instructions in your membership portal about how to join.

  • LIVE training with Lisa via google hangouts on air
  • Access to the private Breathe Run Breathe community on Google+
  • Open office hours with Lisa via google hangouts- come in and meet with Lisa face to face get the support you need