About The Book

Breathe Run Breathe: Ancient Breathing Secrets To Make Your Daily Run An Effortless, Revitalizing and Mindful Practice

paperbackbookstanding-2Although most people understand that breathing is a key component to relaxation and stress reduction, there is very little emphasis placed on breath work and breathing techniques while exercising.  In fact, most books on running spend at most, a couple of pages describing the breath and how to breathe while running.  This is unfortunate because the breath is arguably the most important component of any fitness activity.

In this book, Lisa Engles, mind-body fitness expert and former head running coach of the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club explains how to use specific breathing techniques called pranayama, while running to soothe the nervous system thus allowing your body to relax and your running to become easy and effortless.

You’ll learn the 5-Steps of the pranayama running practice, a system that has resulted in both runners and non-runners alike to harness the power of the breath to transform their daily run into an extraordinary opportunity for physical, mental and emotional transformation.

Breathe Run Breathe is a quick-read that gives a compelling argument for the advantages of adopting nasal breathing during any aerobic activity, including running. The book also identifies three key mindset principles inspired by yoga tradition that when combined with specific breathing techniques will take the ‘work’ out of your workout.

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When you apply the principles set forth in this book:

  • You’ll be able to run faster and further without strain or fatigue
  • You’ll discover how to access the ‘runners high’ at will
  • You’ll start to eliminate chronic pain and injury caused by years of pushing yourself too hard
  • You’ll regain balance both in your body and in your mind
  • You’ll reset your metabolism, which will result in reshaping your body
  • You’ll improve your overall quality of life

Here’s what people are saying:

“I would absolutely recommend Breathe Run Breathe and the pranayama running practice. Far too many endurance sport athletes push themselves too hard in their training and their workouts and then end up with injuries. This practice gives you the opportunity to approach your workouts with a more mindful attitude, and is an ideal practice to integrate into any endurance training plan.” - Gina Kehr, Former Professional Triathlete,, Ironman National Champion, 2003
“There is nothing out there that I know of that you can do on your own that would replicate the 5-step system that Lisa has created and laid forth in this book.  If you have any type of chronic injuries, or you’re not feeling good about your workout program, or feel like you need to reduce stress in your life, then you need to read this book. - Christine Lucey, Nurse,, Fitness Enthusiast
“After only the third time of using the pranayama running practice I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m just so relaxed! I can’t believe this.’ I was in such a good mood. I was doing better at work, having more fun with my kids, and enjoying my workouts. Being an engineer, I like to track metrics… I noticed that I was feeling less stressed out, my heart rate was lower, I felt more energized, my levels of perceived exertion decreased, and I was more motivated. I believe, if you can commit to the pranayama running practice for at least 4 weeks, you will reduce stress and run faster.” - Scott Guyton, Engineer, Triathlete
“What I like about the pranayama running practice and what I think is different about it is the mindfulness that Lisa brings into the practice. So many people these days want to be fit and so they just drive themselves into the ground. Lisa has developed an entire system that incorporates breathing and mindfulness into any aerobic fitness routine which sets the pranayama running practice apart from other programs, and makes me excited to use it with my clients.” - Ashley Selman, Owner Evolution Trainers, National Javelin Champion 1992
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